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Smart Branch

Boost site productivity with a secure, adaptable WLAN, allowing remote management of multiple access points for seamless ICT asset connectivity and management.

Smart Branch

What is the Smart Branch?

Smart Branch is a Software Defined- Wireless Local Area(SD-WLAN) solution that improves site efficiency by providing a secure and flexible WLAN system. It allows remote control of multiple access points, making it easier to connect and manage ICT assets seamlessly. This product helps companies maintain a secure and responsive network while adapting to changing branch needs. It empowers IT teams to monitor and enhance access point performance effectively, ultimately improving connectivity quality and simplifying asset management.


Challenges to Traditional WLAN


Limited Scalability

Legacy WLANs can have trouble handling the growth of branch ICT assets, causing problems with connectivity and management.

Security Vulnerabilities

Traditional WLANs might not have strong enough security to safeguard branch ICT assets from modern cyber threats.

Inflexible Configuration

Dated WLANs may have rigid configurations that hinder the adaptability needed to support changing connectivity requirements for branch assets.

Maintenance Overhead

Managing and maintaining traditional WLANs across multiple branches can be resource-intensive and time-consuming.

Performance Bottlenecks

Outdated WLANs may not provide the necessary bandwidth and performance for modern ICT assets, leading to slowdowns and inefficiencies.

Lack of Remote Management

Limited remote management capabilities can make it challenging to oversee and troubleshoot branch ICT assets effectively.

Compatibility Issues

Integration challenges with newer devices and technologies may arise, hindering the seamless connectivity of branch ICT assets.

Cost Constraints

Upgrading or replacing traditional WLAN infrastructure can be costly, making it challenging to implement necessary improvements for connectivity and management.

Smart Branch Features


Comprehensive Coverage

Wi-Fi 6 provides fast, reliable connections for site devices in dense areas.

Software Defined Flexibility

Offers scalability, visibility, and adaptability to changing needs of WLAN.

Fast Roaming

enables quick, seamless switching between Wi-Fi access points, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity

Enhanced Security

Features stronger WPA3 encryption, offering improved data protection for sensitive Wi-Fi traffic.

Hardware or cloud-based access controllers

Optimize Wi-Fi networks by coordinating access points, controlling access, and allowing remote administration.

Customer Benefits of Smart Branch


Centralized Management

Centralized management of all WLAN components simplify configuration and monitoring.

Dynamic Traffic Optimization

Intelligently allocates bandwidth and optimizes traffic flow, ensuring efficient data transmission.

Automated Network Provisioning

Automates the setup and provisioning of WLAN resources, reducing manual configuration efforts.

Real-time Analytics

Provide real-time analytics and insights into network performance, helping in proactive issue resolution.

Secure Access Control

Enforces robust access control policies, ensuring the security of the network and preventing unauthorized access.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Prioritize traffic based on application requirements, guaranteeing a seamless user experience for critical applications.

Self-Healing Capabilities

Automatically detect and address network issues, minimizing downtime and disruptions.


Easily scale to accommodate growing user and device demands without significant infrastructure changes.