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NetMaster Platform


Enhance legacy enterprise ICT with intelligent connections and efficient operation and mantanence infrastructure to drive essential productivity improvements.

What is NetMaster?

Netmaster is a cutting-edge platform that leverages software-defined technology to revolutionize enterprise information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. With its innovative Smart Connect and Easy O&M (Operation and Maintenance) product modules, Netmaster empowers organizations to elevate the intelligence and operational efficiency of their legacy ICT systems. By facilitating intelligent connections and streamlining operation and maintenance procedures, it catalyzes vital productivity enhancements. Netmaster’s automation capabilities ensure efficient handling of routine tasks, while its resilience mechanisms guarantee uninterrupted service even in challenging scenarios. Moreover, the platform offers centralized operation and management, granting organizations a holistic view of their entire network and ICT systems. In today’s ever-evolving tech landscape, Netmaster serves as a solution not only amplifying operational efficiency and security but also nurturing business growth by enabling enterprises to adapt and flourish.

Enterprise Legacy ICT Challenges (Why?)

Lagged Growth

Prolonged legacy Wide Area Network (WAN) link setup and fragmented branch networks hamper rapid organizational development.

Increasing Risk

Linking multiple isolated branch network islands with static public IP addresses increases vulnerability to public internet threats.

Ramping Cost

Costly DIA or MPLS with ISP restrictions, and legacy ICT systems with 70% passive response, 90% issue locating challenges, and 80% on-site activities increase operational complexity and expenses.

Obsolete Connectivity

Legacy WAN technology is challenging and costly to support organizations' strategic initiatives of hybrid cloud and mobile working.

Antiquated Technology

Inadequate automation and resilience elevate human errors, skill demands, and IT personnel requirements, causing extra delays, disruptions, and resource usage.

Discrete O&M

Absence of an integrated web portal for ICT systems monitoring, access, and alarms wastes the opportunity to establish a remote O&M-centric labor division, degrading IT competence structure and efficiency.

NetMaster Platform Architecture (How?)

The NetMaster solution addresses legacy ICT challenges within enterprises by providing automation, resilience, and centralized operation and management. This promotes operational efficiency, enhances security, and fosters business growth in today’s dynamic tech environment.

  • The NetMaster solution comprises two key components: the NetMaster Intelligent Gateway and a unified O&M web portal.
    The NetMaster Intelligent Gateway deployed at headquarters or data centers is powered by the Network Forwarding Engine(NFE) software, handles traffic forwarding, and can be configured as a cluster to ensure load balancing and redundancy protection.
  • The NetMaster Intelligent Gateway installed at branch offices is powered by The Network Access Engine (NAE) software and provides network access for the branch’s ICT systems while optimizing application performance. To meet various deployment scenarios and business needs, The NetMaster Intelligent Gateway can be flexibly configured with built-in LTE modules and external LTE extenders as required.
  • Furthermore, the NetMaster solution includes a unified web portal for WAN O&M and monitoring third-party ICT devices, managing access, and handling alarm functions. This simplifies enterprise ICT operations and maintenance, leading to improved efficiency.
NetMaster Platform Architecture

Customer Benefits

Smart Connect

Agile Deployment

Easy Operation

Cost Optimization

Smart Connect

Smart Connect

Encrypted Connect

Establish a private intranet with end-to-end encryption, utilizing major mechanisms such as AES 256.

Unrestricted Connect

Flexiblly utilize any ISP and any type of transport, including ADSL, 4G, 5G, DIA, MPLS, etc., reducing costs and improving agility.

Agile Connect

Zero-touch provisioning-enabled Plug & Play accelerates branch connection readiness.

Reliable Connect

load balancing and auto failover across physical links enhances both resilience and resource efficiency.

Premium Widewide Connect

The private global backbone connects enterprise businesses anywhere worldwide at no time with premium-quality connectivity.

Intelligent Connect

Intelligent control and diagostics boost performance and efficiency.

Seamless Cloud Connect

Cloud-native vCPE seamlessly integrates with any cloud platform, empowering digital transformation.

Secure Mobile Connect

The mobile client compatible with major mobile operating systems enables mobile office initiatives.
agile Deployment

Agile Deployment


Software-Defined zero-touch provisioning streamlines network setup, boosts efficiency, and reduces downtime.


Template-based bulk configuration simplifies large-scale setup using, ensuring efficient and error-free network deployment.


One-click Routing Update Efficiently enhance agility, reduce errors, optimize network performance, and minimize downtime.


Tailored user permissions through granular account controls enhance security, precise access management, risk reduction, efficient resource allocation.

Easy Operation & Maintanence

Simplified Operations

• Streamlined NetMaster feature configuration.
• Centralized upgrades and one-click device replacement
• Single-page status monitoring for WAN and LAN links
• Site-level ICT system monitoring, access, and alarms.

Preventive Maintenance

• Unified single screen display of network, device, and app performance.
• Intelligent Analytics and Diagnostics
• Instant Multi-Channel Alerting and Alarming
• Customizable Reporting
Cost optimization